Procurement Management

In a new project, we start of as a partner by taking the time to capture and analyze your requirement to final handover of a new project. By fully understanding the potential and constraints, the spatial and functional requirements and costs, we offer a one stop solution to the customer. Every phase is defined with clear deliverables and time frames with a view to ensure tight control on costs and delivery with a firm commitment. Phase wise drill down of all activities will be documented and available for review any time and will finally be submitted as a report to the stakeholders.

We provide conceptual budgets to educate and empower client decisions to save time and arrive at a natural fit between the design scope, functional & operational requirements and financial outlay even from the initial specifications stage. All budgets tabled will have itemized detailing with technical information, comparisons, pricing and samples so that all participants are on the same page from narrowing down the specifications till the release of purchase orders. We aid in faster decision making by submitting comprehensive proposals dovetailed to the project requirements with a multitude of choices.

We employ a very scientific product bidding method to ensure the best possible pricing, thereby saving customer money wherever possible. We negotiate the best possible rates, payment and delivery terms with the manufacturers to avoid any snag in execution. Vendor payments are made according to the payment terms agreed upon at the time of issuing the purchase order in line with our budget submissions to the customer.

With the wide range of suppliers in our armory, we can vouch for our product quality and deliver on time, every time. Irrespective of standard or customized products, our expeditor services offers the customer peace of mind with respect to on time delivery and final placement at the project site. Our relationship with suppliers from across the world is the key, complimented by our structured follow through and tracking mechanisms across different stages. Our technical product control team will oversee all port clearances, receipt, delivery, staging and installation of all FF&E and OS&E.

Upon finalization of the design scope and other requirements, we work towards incubating the show room with impeccable co-ordination and bring it up ahead of schedule.

In the event of renovation of an already existing project, our unique FF&E surveys for inventory and annual capital plan services comes into action. With our wealth of experience, our surveys will yield a 5 – 7 years replacement and refurbishment budget plan with listings and photos of all furnishing that needs a facelift with a detailed report on their current condition. If the customer decides to renovate, we provide detailed vertical room charts and furnishing matrices along with a complete budget for refurbishment. We also recommend alternate means to reuse the furnishings based on their current condition and fitment.